Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thank you for the Mosquitoes, Mice, and Bats

I was recently reminded of a story from a book that I read in my eight grade English class.  The book is The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom and I am sure many of you are familiar with it.  Corrie was a Jew who was placed in a concentration camp with her sister.  When they arrived at the barraks they were appauled by the conditions in which they were to live.  Her sister reminded her of I Thessalonians 5:18 "give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."  The sisters then went around their surrounding thanking God.  Corrie's sister even thanked God for the fleas.  Later on in their story the girls were able to host a Bible study uninterrupted in their barracks.  Why?  Fleas, the guards would not enter their barracks because of the fleas.
God does not command us to think Him only for the good, but He commands us to thank Him for everything. 

Today I was having a hard day, actually it has been a hard week.  I having been praying "Lord, could something just go my way."  My eyes have been opened, I should not be asking for something, but I should be giving thanks.  Tonight as a lie here in bed in the most beautiful country I have ever been in I am not asking but I am saying thank you.

Thank you for these two precious little girls that are asleep next to me.  Thank you for my husband, Sadie, and Nolen.  Thank you for saving me, loving me, and giving me life.  Thank you for the "mess of paperwork" that has kept me here.  Thank you for the sunburn on my shoulders, the endless heat, the mosquitoes, Smokey the mouse, and the bats on the porch.  Thank You


  1. Tearfully thankful for you, too, Holly and your tender, trusting love for your Father who cares for you. What encouragement you have for each of us who often fail to thank Him in our circumstances.

  2. Holly God is faithful even in the small things and He has and continues to be Faithful to you. One day you will look back and see all your What IF Blessings and weep like we have over the protection he has given you and the girls. You will be impacted by the many lives you have touched through this both now and for eternity. We are all praying daily for you and those sweet precious girls. Know that you are loved by many people and prayed over by many more. What an inspiration your journey has taken us all through and for that we will all be forever changed as you have shared your walk with GOD to all or us. Love you and know that you will be home soon. You have to get back her so you can see Jody's little girl who looks just like him. I love her so much......