Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back Together Again: Soon

These past few months have been hard.  I would not be being honest if I said otherwise.  In fact there have been days where if they were rough that would have been an improvement.  Most of these difficult times have been due to the seperation of myself from Chad, Sadie, and Nolen.  I can handle the mosquitoes, sunburn, no electricity, rice and beans for days to eat, and the boredom but the loneliness is the hardest to bear.  Whoever created the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" did not experience this.  They did not miss tucking their children into bed at night, reading them bedtime stories, kissing their injuries; they did not miss Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, Russian Christmas, and everything else in between.
But my hope has returned and it has a date.  On next Wednesday, in one week, I will tuck four kids into bed, I will kiss four foreheads, I will wash the African red dirt off of eight little feet, we will be a family again.  On Monday Feb. 27 Chad, Sadie, and Nolen will be once again crossing the Atlantic on their way to Uganda.  And for this I am one excited Momma.  They will arrive here in the early hours of Wednesday morning and I will up waiting.


  1. Holly I am so excited for you and I pray that when they arrive it will only be a short visit and you can all come home together to Tennessee. You are a lot stronger in your Faith for all you have missed and been through. I know how much you love Chad, Sadie and Nolen and how difficult this has been especially trying to love your new girls without being able to share that process with all the family joining in. I pray safety in their travel and JOY in your reunion with the all. Love you and thank you for sharing your heart in all of this. I think it has made us all stronger in our Faith as we watch God's protection and provision for you during this time.
    Mrs Sandi

  2. Okay...that just made me bawl like a baby!! So happy that your family is going to be together again very soon! We are praying for you and your family and hope to have you back in TN very soon!! Love, The Lawson Family

  3. I am SO HAPPY for all of you! I pray that you will be able to be back in TN soon.

  4. I found myself crying at the thought of this reunion. I will continue to pray for your return to Tennessee! Enjoy their visit.