Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Signs of Becoming Ugandan

Vehicles are called motorcars
Napkins are serviettes
Bananas and pineapple make up their own food group
Coke and other soft drinks are made with pure cane sugar
Your feet are permently stained red from the red dirt
90 degrees farenheit is cool and requires a jacket
Grasshoppers are a snack not an insect
Sunscreen is your daily moisturizer
Bugspray is your perfume
You think nothing about riding on a motorcycle with no helmet
Weight is thought of in terms of kilograms
Distance is in terms of kilometers
Money is shillings


  1. I know you don't know me and I don't know you, but I still read your blog every day (or I guess check it every day). I pray for your family. For health and paperwork! But I about had a heart attack this morning when I read that Grasshoppers are a snack. I am left wondering if you snack on them? All kidding a side, you seriously are one to the strongest people I know. I will continue to pray for the 6 of you.

  2. Holly, I also want to know if you are eating grasshoppers. Any news on when you might be coming home. I deactivated my Facebook account so no longer get any of your news from there. Thinking about about you. I hope you are over your malaria.

  3. I have tried the fried grasshoppers but they are not my thing. The girls love them but I struggle to buy them because they just look gross. My favorite snack food has become chicken on stick. When you are driving around there are all of these street vendors. They come up to the car and are often selling chicken on a stick. It is Ugandan fast food. It is basically a marinated and grilled chicken leg shoved on a stick. YUM.