Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stronger Yet Weaker

Most days here are pretty much the same as the previous day and the next day. I spend an abundance of time hanging around the guest house with the girls. The girls love to play with their toys and are content with what they have. To keep from going absolutely stir crazy I and whoever is staying with me at the time have developed the habit of taking walks. The girls like to walk some usually the first and last little bit of the walks. For the majority or the “meat” of the trips they ride in two worn out and dirty umbrella strollers. We hauled these strollers all the way from America to Africa. They started out in decent shape but are bordering the end of their days. I just hope they can hold out until the end of this trip. Walking on roads here is not at all like walking at home. Some of the roads are paved most are not. A large portion of the time the path that we are adventuring on feels like a mountain bike trail. My two little strollers were not quite designed for these trails but keep putting along.

We walk here out of something to do. A typical day involves at least one walk with a duration of no less than one hour. Kampala is a city that has a very high elevation, that similar to Denver, Colorado. Also flat is not a word I would use to describe this city. It is anything but flat. Everywhere you go there are huge hills to enjoy walking down and to sweat while climbing up them. Due to the fact that we are located on a few miles north of the equator it is a bit warm here. Any length of walk usually means one will need a shower afterwards due to the ridiculous amount of sweating that our mzungu bodies can produce. We just aren’t used to the direct sunlight, endless heat, and high humidity. Our walks are usually quite pointless. They are considered eventful if we need to walk to one of three grocery stores I frequently visit, visit the Friday craft market, or need to exchange money.

Since I have been doing these walks I have noticed that physically I am in the best shape of my adult life. Add this to an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet and I foolishly feel like I could tackle just about anything. A marathon maybe, not really I hate to run. I joke to my friends that if you see me running you ought to look behind me to see what is chasing me. But if for some crazy reason I needed to run I feel like I might actually have a chance. That is as long as I don’t have to run up the hill that is on the way back from the Uchumi grocery store while pushing a stroller.

Along with this increase in physical fitness I also feel mentally stronger. After our trip to Russia I remember telling Chad that since I survived that adventure I felt like I could just about survive anything. I was wrong but I definitely feel that way now. This is slightly scary to me because it makes me think that the next adventure will be even more difficult than this. But I don’t want to think about that, I can’t think about that.

Mentally I have begun to have the mind set of bring it on. This comes from five months in Africa. The last three of that I have been away from my husband and two mzungu children. I have successfully learned how to maneuver all over this crazy city either on foot or on boda (a type of motorcycle taxi).   There are many things that about six months ago I would have told you I can’t do that, I do not want to do that. Now in a scary way I do not even think twice about hoping on a boda (motorcycle) with my two daughters and no helmets to go run an errand. Something that will never happen in Tennessee.

Along with feeling stronger both mentally and physically I have is some type of paradigm began to feel weaker. Weaker than I ever knew in spiritual sense. The more I look for answers to this I am understanding that it is okay. I should feel weaker. The closer I get to my Father through out this process the more I realize how far away I am from Him. That doesn’t make much sense when you write it down. The stronger my intimate relationship with Him the more I realize just why I need him. The more apparent my sins and shortcomings become. This causes me to feel further away. But I am not further away because He died for me. He bridged that gap, He has forgiven me. Now all that is left is for me to love and obey Him.


  1. You probably never needed it but those walks and the Uchumi hill sure flatten your rear, my pants still don't fit. ha. You ARE super woman.. keep it up a little while longer. love you.

  2. Think of you often! Thanks for the updates. I am glad you are able to see the positive. You are very strong... God is strong through you! :)

  3. Your blog is a huge inspiration for adopting parents. I would love to see it in Circle of Moms contest. I tried nominating your blog but it asks too much info about you for me to do it. Please enter into the contest. Your story needs to be seen and heard by others who will be touched by your wonderful message of love and devotion.

  4. Last night I went to our comfortable church and our topic was contentment. You are finding contentment, even though the circumstances are not as you wish. Many years ago I told the Lord I would go anywhere He led - except Africa. The day came when I knew that if He called me to Africa, I would be on the next plane out. I am praying that today, you will find contentment and peace. Blessings.


  5. You are such an encouragment. Thanks for the updates. I hope and pray you and the girls will be home soon. Praying for you. Love, Rhonda Sinquefield