Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last Few Days

Last week we began our countdown of when we would be leaving.  The kids helped make a paper chain and every evening we remove a link.  I can't believe there are only two links left.  We will leave Uganda tomorrow evening and should be arriving in Tennessee on Thursday evening.  See you soon.

Friday, March 16, 2012

This Week, A Glorious Week

This week has been a whirlwind of emotion.  I have experienced some of my lowest lows followed 24 hours later by my highest high in years.
On Monday we made the decision for Chad to return to America.  This was not an easy decision.  This left me being a single mom in Africa to four young children.  But I was happy with it because the kids were with me.  Chad decided to return to his job because for the past few weeks that he has been here we have been hitting walls on the paperwork front.  The best case scenario we could get was that we might be able to come home in two months.  We dreamed too little.  My God is Great and can do anything.
So Monday night Chad got on a plane.  I did not know when I would see him again.  He did not know when he would love on his children again, but my God knew.  Monday night was hard, two of the four kids cried including myself.  Nobody slept well and the mood was quite depressing.
Then came Wednesday.  I will always remember Wednesday.  Chad was home in Tennessee.  I did not plan on hearing from him because the jet lag is a nightmare.  I left my cell phone upstairs in my room charging while the power was on and the kids and I were in the courtyard riding on their play bodas.  I thought I heard my phone ringing so I ran upstairs and noticed about a dozen missed calls from Chad.  First thoughts, oh no what has happened?   The first thing he said to me was "We have been approved."  What, Approved, What does he mean by this, Is this some cruel joke.  He promised me it was true, the girls had been approved for visas.  Tears.
I had been telling everybody that stayed with me at the house that the day we got approved I would be shouting, that they would be able to hear me in America.  Did you hear me?  I basically went running around the house like a crazy person shouting, singing, yelling, and praising.
One of my numerous thoughts was how did this happen.  How did they get approved, nothing we have done has been successful.  I quickly realized it was nothing I did, it was my God.  The past few months I have been working frantically on trying to get my girls home.  I have felt like every opportunity has ended up with doors slamming in my face.  Once all the doors were shut the windows began to fall close at an alarmingly quick speed.  Option were running out.  Why? More Glory to God.  God shut all the doors and windows, He made the lawyers hit every road block imaginable (I have had three lawyers working on this), He had Chad come and fail at bringing us home, He had us fail at every possible attempt.  All so He could succeed.  So we could be shown that He is Lord.  I have witnessed a modern day miracle this week and I will never be the same.  Share our joy this week as we prepare for life in America.  Give no one the Glory but Jesus.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Shouting, crying, praises

I can't share any details now but we will ALL be home very shortly.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All I Need

This past week has been wonderful, one of the best I have had in a long time.  All six Stewarts have been on the same continent, in the same country, and in the same house.  The kids have been playing together wonderfully, like they have always been together.  It is amazing to have all that I need in this world together again.  I do not need my house, my cars, or any of my other stuff.  I have survived just fine on what will fit in two suitcases but what I do need is my family and that I now have.
Thank you so much to everyone who helped get Chad, Sadie, and Nolen ready for their great adventure.